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EnviroMio - Born from the love of racing

Established in 2013 by well-known Race Director and fundraiser Andrew Baulch, the mission for EnviroMio Medallions has always been to provide the best quality commemorative medals, at the best price and with the best turn-around — to make running community events both a joy for the organiser and an essential part of the runner experience. Fabulous medals worth treasuring.

EnviroMio - Provider of Premium Medals for Events, Races, Clubs and Memorabilia

Actions speak louder than words

Over the last six years over 350,000 runners, footballers, basketballers, judoists, bodybuilders and triathletes have had one of our quality medals placed around their necks after a successfully competing in one of 400 events covering every state in Australia.

6 Years in business
8 States & Territories
400 Successful events
350,000 medals

Orange Running Festival
Carcoar Cup Running Festival
Optus NSW Regional Distance Running Festival
Dubbo Stampede
Q1 Stair Challenge
Roller Coaster Run
Bathurst Half Marathon
I Compete Natural World Championships
Mudgee Running Festival
Thunderbolt Classic Trail Run
Cathedrals Challenge
Shepparton Running Festival
West Australian Marathon Club
Water Works Ultra Marathon
Sydney Tower Stair Challenge

Why does our business keep growing?

Because we go that extra mile in quality of product, service, reliability and price — all things that are hallmarks of the EnviroMio brand — combining brilliant local designs with an ultra-competitive offshore manufacturing capacity.

EnviroMio - Top Quality Commemorative Medals

Top Quality

In a world obsessed with single-use disposability, we want our products to march to the beat of a different drum. We see each medal we supply as a lifetime memento, a reminder of the great events you've had the pleasure to be a part of over the years. And so we custom design and manufacture each of our medals to the very highest standards, so that your medals will not only stand the test of time but be a worthy reflection of your successes.

EnviroMio - Top Quality Commemorative Medals

Great Service

We understand the pressures and responsibilities of organising a successful event – we have organised many ourselves! EnviroMio has a proven track record of supplying the best quality medals, to specification and with fast turnaround, allowing you greater certainty with numbers & minimising wastage — the event director’s nightmare! We also go that extra mile in taking the responsibility for your medals arriving on time.

EnviroMio - Top Quality Commemorative Medals

The Perfect Price!

Unlike many medal providers, EnviroMio doesn't simply offer a small number of off-the-shelf designs with your event inscribed on the back. Instead, each of your medals is based upon your supplied artwork (or is developed by our designer) to best suit your event, budget and brand requirements. Realistic concept artwork is provided for sign-off so you know exactly what you will receive. And our prices are highly competitive.

We'd love to hear from you!

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We'd love to hear about your next event and its medal requirements.

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